Some little rants and essays from over the years. In no particular order.

John Mount’s Trouble Free Crab Recipe

A real-life culinary adventure from grad school. Originally posted to one of the university bboards, eventually appeared in one of the early issues of Slow: the magazine of the slow food movement (March 1996). Apparently they seeded the magazine early on by scraping the web; the article appeared just like this, eccentric punctuation and everything. I’m not sure the magazine still exists, but the organization does.

Gerty: a character in Duncan Jones’s Moon

A comparison of Gerty to earlier science fiction AIs (including the obvious…).

Good Stationery as a Tool of Thought

The advantages of old-school, quality pen-and-paper over keyboard for creative tasks. Written in 2013. Kind of a companion piece to Nina Zumel’s I Write, Therefore I Think.

Star Wars: It’s a Good Life

My theory about the beginning of the Luke Skywalker saga.

Consumers Value Washing Their Jeans

Fortunately, Levis doesn’t use this circa 2014 ad campaign anymore. Do they?